The American Arena League of indoor football, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, is committed to providing a means for fans, players, coaches, and sponsors to have an enjoyable experience. It is through the extension of this mission that the Georgia Doom arena football operation was born.

Kevin Adkins, Georgia Doom CEO, set his sights on putting together a team to play in Macon after taking over the helm of another arena team, Daytona Wolfpack, during its mid-season in the previous year. He successfully led the Wolfpack to complete that season and realized that Middle Georgia had the potential to support a new arena football team.


Adkins established the Georgia Doom in 2017 and has put together a winning team of coaches, athletes, and staff that is second to none. It is our intention to end our inaugural season — and every season thereafter — as Champions of the AAL Arena Bowl. 

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