Fundraising Package

* The program earns $5 for every $20 ticket sold.
* Order forms/money will be picked up from the program’s contact person on Friday, March 1, 2019.
* Ticket orders and checks will be delivered to the program’s contact person the week of March 15, 2019.
* All fundraiser tickets must be done with an advance order.
* For fundraiser questions, contact Dr. Olenka Golden at (470) 629-5631 or

Individual Ticket Sales

*If you sell 50 tickets- Doom Certificate and Name on Doom website If you sell 75 tickets-Doom T-shirt
*If you sell 100 tickets-Autographed Football
*If you sell 200+ tickets- 4 VIP tickets and pregame meal with players and coaches

Fundraising Cheat Sheet

(Based on 100 Tickets)

Click here to download form

Seating Section



Cost Per Ticket



Total Cost



Amount Raised



Total You Raised



*Raise up to $900 for every 100 tickets sold*