Dance Team

Dance Tryout on January 20th

Do You like to dance, party, have fun, and interact with people? If so, the Georgia Doom Dolls Dance Team is the group for you!! The Georgia Doom is looking for strong and versatile contemporary dancers and cheerleaders interested in joining our Doom Dolls Dance Team.

Dance Team benefits include:

  • Weekly hair
  • Weekly facials
  • Cosmetics
  • Weekly manicure and pedicure
  • Teeth cleaning and whitening
  • Massage therapy
  • Free meals at sponsored location
  • Participation in the upcoming Unleash the Doom movie

Individuals who are selected to join the dance/cheerleader troupe will perform during the team’s entire regular season, which runs from March 24 through June 9. The Georgia Doom anticipates a championship season, so the troupe will also perform at all post-season games.

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