EJ Snyder

Currently the host of the Discovery Channel’s Dual Survivor which features a pair of survival experts in challenging environments. He has previously appeared on the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, TNT’s 72 Hours, and the History Channel’s Patton 360 and other TV projects.

In addition, EJ serves as a survival and military-technical expert and advisor to the movie and television industry.

When not Filming EJ stays busy and tours the country as an inspirational and motivational speaker. He has a broad list of clients and speaks on many subjects including success in life, motivation, anti-bullying, military & U.S. history, and survival.

EJ is highly decorated Army combat veteran with 25 years of service, serving Ranger positions in Infantry and Airborne units. Snyder joined the armed forces at 19 and moved up the ranks quickly, seeing combat in both the Gulf War in 1991 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004. EJ stepped up as a Ranger Instructor, Survival & Tracking Instructor, and Drill Sergeant

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November 14, 2017