Vince Papale

At the completion of each APF season, one player who has broken all the barriers and has excelled in the APF will be awarded the Vince Papale award.

Vince defied all odds by going from a season ticket holder to a player. He is the oldest rookie in NFL history to play without the benefit of college football career (other than kickers). He played wide receiver and special teams for the Eagles from 1976 – 1978. He was voted Special Teams Special Captain by his teammates and “Man of the Year” by the Eagles in 1978 for his many charitable activities. A shoulder injury ended his career in 1979.

Papale, who earned the nickname “Rocky” (after the Sylvester Stallone character) while playing with the Eagles, is the subject of the Disney movie Invincible, with Mark Wahlberg portraying him.

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November 14, 2017