Rodri admits to his disappointment that they stopped the 2022 World Cup.

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Spain midfielder Rodri admits to his disappointment that they stopped the 2022 World Cup route to the Round of 16. Because they secretly fantasized about a second football World Cup. From now on, it would have to recharge the body, mind in order to return to serve the agency Man City in a bored way.

‘ La Roja ‘ is good, but the lure is not always at normal time, including Extra Times 0-0. Causing him to decide with a penalty shoot-out and losing comfortably 0-3 until being accused by the domestic media.  

The trauma he carries home will take a long time to get better, according to the 26 – year -old. 

“ It was clear where they ( Morocco ) would come from. We were in total control of the game. But when it went to penalties it was decided. The team couldn’t hit accurately enough.” he said on TV station RTVE .

“ Pack up and go home. bad mood It was one of the most depressing days. ” UFABET 

“ Morocco came as we expected, all 11 in their own half like every game they play – I don’t know what else to say as they hope to go deeper. ” 

“ Football is cruel. It’s not fair to you. It was understandable enough to decide with a penalty shootout and it was like buying a lottery ticket. ”

“ It also depends on the day. I thought we couldn’t shoot at all. But all Tung competitors ” 

“ I can only thank the Spanish fans for their support. We have done our best. ”

Rodri probably took a week off and missed the mini – camp in Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates of ‘ The Blues ‘ prepare to revive the second phase in England, hoping to be fit enough to play the Carabao Cup fourth round duel Liverpool ( December 22 ) .