Ten Hag cheer Dutch world champion but delighted with Samba.

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Erik Ten Hag managing director of Manchester United, spoke about the overall 2022 World Cup in Qatar looking fun. Of course, I want the Netherlands national team to make history for the first time. At the same time secretly cheering for Brazil because it’s pleasing to the eye.

‘ ETH ‘ led the group to open a mini – camp in Spain. Then set the queue for 2 warm-up matches, starting with Cadiz (7 Dec. ) , followed by Real Betis ( 10 Dec. ) , then returning to the UK for the second phase of training .  

During their free time from training, UFABET the whole team invites them to watch the World Cup in Qatar. The 53 – carat boss’s favorite is definitely the ‘ Orange Windmill ‘ gang.

Ten Hag told :

“ All the elite players gathered there. So it’s very nice to watch the match. And of course, many of our members are involved. So this World Cup is considered to be through many games .  

“ Must follow them all. always try to keep in touch I’m glad they put on a good performance. This is good news for the team as well. ” 

“ It’s motivating to work because we have a high-level group of players. ” 

“ Here’s to finding the best team. We want to finish the season with a trophy in our hands. ” 

“ The team I support is of course Holland . Most of them are footballers. Including some staff ”

“ We follow the performance of our own nation. Coupled with having fun watching the England national team , Argentina , Brazil and Portugal play because the United players also beat them. ” 

“ The early stages of many international tournaments are difficult because of the tight preparation time. ”

“ Such cases are the ones that national teams have always faced. when different clubs Then form a team But the outstanding thing is seeing the intensity and quality from the players .

“ Playing for the nation has more motivation. It took it even further and I think overall it’s been remarkable about the quality of the relationship between the players. ” 

“ It was a fun-looking World Cup. Like the game between Brazil – South Korea , I saw an impressive form. Until I thought to myself that that’s why we love football. ”  

‘ Orange Wind Turbine ‘ is the favorite 6 out of the last 8 nations remaining in this World Cup , rate 14/1 ( bet 1 , pay 14 , excluding capital ) because the next stage is rock duel Argentina , plus if passed, the duel is the winner. between France or England