The older sister Ronaldo pays tribute to Santos well, because of who?

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Cristiano Ronaldo sister Elma Aveiro has used social media to attack Portugal coach Fernando Santos for daring to imprison her brother as a substitute in their round of 16 football game. Yesterday, plus thank you for being in the position for a long time because of who

Unfamiliar footage from the Selecao defeated Switzerland 6-1 as the injury -free 37 – carat star sang the national anthem with his team on the bench. instead of lining up in the middle of the field  

Such an offense caused Je Elma FC . The master of ‘ CR 7 ‘ therefore used the story on Instagram. Has slammed the 68 – year- old coach for being ungrateful UFABET

On Instagram

“ Today we come together as one – but if you think it should come out like this ( first line-up ) , I’ll be watching .

“ I don’t know why. I don’t understand either. ” 

“ But rest assured that we will receive an answer from God later – my brother did not fail, wait and see. ”  

“ It’s true Ronaldo isn’t immortal , it’s true he doesn’t play forever – unfortunately it wasn’t last night. The pillow is probably old. There is no need for the Portuguese national team anymore. ”

“ We were babbling as we had heard. All the good deeds that my younger brother has done are useless. It was completely forgotten. ” 

“ Now they ask for forgiveness and will say that Cristiano is no longer needed – will be charged. Clear that matter later. ” 

“ Does Rui Santos have to apologize to my brother ? No, now we can talk shit to anyone if we want to. ” 

“ But what happened is so heartbreaking for a person who has sacrificed so much for the nation – let’s continue to spread the word. There is still a lot to be spicy about. ” 

Ronaldo was on the bench in the last major game , dating back to Euro 2008 .

As for the collaboration with Santos, starting from 2014 , joining the Euro Championship two years later. Another event is the UEFA Nations League 2019 .